Tuition Fees and Scholarships

PSP Duration

The duration of the PSP “MSc in Industrial Pharmacy” is three (3) semesters. The maximum duration for the completion of the program is set at six (6) semesters in total (e.g. for students opting for part-time enrollment).

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Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for the program are 1500€ per semester, and they are payable at the beginning of each semester.

Waving of Tuition Fees

According to Article 86 of Law 4957, up to 30% of the total enrolled students can attend postgraduate study programs with waving of tuition fees. Specifically, students can apply for full (100%) or partial (50%) waving of the tuition fees if they meet the financial criteria and undergraduate degree GPA limit. The application for exemption from tuition fees is submitted by the interested party after the completion of the student admission process to the program.

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