Post-graduate Study Program (PSP)
School of Pharmacy, AUTh
MSc in "Industrial Pharmacy"

100% of our graduates have been proffessionaly employed

In the context of the implementation of the new postgraduate program, distinguished members of the University community of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and renowned scientists from the pharmaceutical industry, European institutions and public bodies such as the National Medicines Agency, organized and support a new postgraduate program at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki entitled “Industrial Pharmacy”.

The program is implemented at the Department of Pharmacy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and aims to fully train and prepare the participating postgraduate students for their future employment in the Pharmaceutical Industry. The courses, most of them with practical applications, but also with the possibility to practice in real conditions of the Pharmaceutical Industry, focus on issues of Drug Design – Development, Preclinical and Clinical Evaluation, Preformulation – Formulation, Technology, Analysis, Cosmetology and Regulatory – Regulatory Framework, providing the trainee with all the necessary know-how in the field of medicine.

Based on the theoretical and practical training provided, “Industrial Pharmacy” offers the necessary knowledge and skills to students, making them competitive scientists to work in the Pharmaceutical Industry in the fields of Synthesis, Production, Quality Control, Research & Development of Pharmaceutical Products or to continue with a PhD thesis in the respective research fields, either in Greece or abroad. Our aim is to train and prepare scientists qualified and specialized for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • The MSc entitled Industrial Pharmacy is a specialization program of the Department of Pharmacy of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and operates under the auspices of the Panhellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (PEF).

  • A large percentage of our graduates are already employed in Pharmaceutical Industries in Greece and abroad.

Steering Committee

Director of the PSP: Catherine Markopoulou, Professor of Pharmaceutical Analysis, AUTH

Associate Director of the PSP: Hatzipavlou-Litina Dimitra, Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry AUTH

Committee Members

Vizirianakis Ioannis, Associate Professor of Molecular Pharmacology  and Pharmacogenomics, AUTH

Kahrimanis Kyriakos, Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology AUTH

Fatouros Dimitrios, Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology AUTH

General information

Duration: 3 semesters

Tuition fees: 1500 euros/semester

Teaching/training hours: Afternoons

Training mode: Live teaching or modern online lectures, laboratory exercises, conducting experiments, PC applications.

Learning excursion: Possibility of an educational excursion to a pharmaceutical company  or  provision of educational material with part of the cost covered by the postgraduate program.

Internship: Optional three to six months internship (not compulsory for the degree) in the production areas and control laboratories of Pharmaceutical Industry.

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